RTRS offers its certified soy in two ways. One is as physical material (adding value to the certification of the soy production where each step of the supply chain, starting at the production level, has been verified and audited by internationally accredited certification bodies). The second is as credits (soy production verified and audited at the farm level).

Through the RTRS online trading platform, those seeking to purchase responsible soy can easily follow either route, and there is support along the way to ensure that the right option is available to meet individual organisations needs.


The five reasons to buy Responsible Soy through RTRS


Supply and demand - The availability of responsible soy

The supply of responsible soy has been growing year on year. With strong relationships with producers and programmes that are increasing supply of RTRS certified material, RTRS can meet the needs of the most demanding end users.


RTRS soy – a growing supply

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In 2018, a series of new production & supply chain models are being introduced to offer more flexibility to those wanting to purchase RTRS certified soy.

This means RTRS is better able to dovetail with individual corporate responsibility commitments and offer a much more bespoke responsible soy product based on individual company’s needs.


The five core principles of RTRS certification