Sourcing responsible soy through the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association


The importance of responsible soy


Soy is one of the world's most important agricultural commodities. It is the largest source of global protein, an integral part of our meat, fish and dairy industries and an important component in many other products and fuel.


Round Table on Responsible Soy Association


 Established in 2006 in Zurich, Switzerland, the Round Table on Responsible Soy Association is the not for profit internationally recognised association promoting the growth of production, trade, and use of responsible soy. It works through cooperation with those in, and related to the soy value chain, from production to consumption.


How RTRS offers access to responsible soy


RTRS offers its certified soy in two ways. One is as physical material (adding value to the certification of the soy production where each step of the supply chain, starting at the production level, has been verified and audited by internationally accredited certification bodies). The second is as credits (soy production verified and audited at the farm level).


How to use the RTRS Trading Platform


The RTRS Marketing Platform is a technological support that records the amounts of RTRS Responsible Soy, allows RTRS Credits transactions independently of the physical flow, in addition to facilitating traceability records of the RTRS physical flow.


The new 2018 models, in detail

Country Material Balance

Streamlining the process of mass balance from multiple operators in a single country. 

Offering one single accounting system for multiple certified facilities.

RTRS Regional credits

Allowing RTRS credit buyers to specify region or country. Enabling RTRS credit buyers to support local farmers. Focus market benefits to foster and scale up certification in certain areas.

RTRS non-GMO credits

Offering guaranteed non-GMO credits to the market.

Enabling the market to support the responsible production of non-GMO soy through the purchase of RTRS non-GMO credits.

RTRS non-Paraquat credits

Offering guaranteed non-Paraquat credit to the market.

A ‘bridge’ to the total phase out of Paraquat by RTRS producers in 2021.